Fun Sensory Activity

This weather is making Dorian and I go crazy with cabin fever. One day we’re outside all day and the next it’s snowing. So I needed to come up with some more indoor activities to keep us entertained.

I looked for stuff online and rummaged through my cabinet to see what I could find. I ended up grabbing some uncooked rice, flax seeds, and corn meal and added a scoop of each into different containers for Dorian to play with. I got a few other empty containers and scoops for him to use so he could transfer the foods to different ones or mix them up if he wished. Of course I knew he was going to make a mess but I tried to contain as much of the mess as I could and placed them all into a long under the bed bin.

At first he thought I was crazy but immediately got into it and couldn’t be bothered while playing. Its a great indoor activity for a toddler and the different textures and colors were fun for him to play with.

Also, after realizing how much of his attention this attracted I figured out this is a great activity to give to him when I need to get some cleaning done. He made such a mess on the floor I needed to clean it up anyways so next time I plan on using this activity when I need to get the house cleaned (making sure the kitchen is last on my list).

Any ingredients would work great! Plus, I’m sure he would enjoy the mix up every once in a while.

Elias’ birth story

Dorian was about 4 1/2 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. Mike and I stopped at our house so I could take a pregnancy test before heading out to a holiday party. He was waiting in the car with a sleeping Dorian so I could quickly run in to use the bathroom. Once I saw that plus sign I couldn’t stop laughing. We just had the busiest summer you could imagine.
having Dorian
having our wedding.
Now not even 5 months later we’re expecting our second child! We were thrilled that our family was growing so quickly!

My pregnancy with Eli was no walk in the park. Although, I must admit that it wasn’t terrible and there are plenty of women who struggle with their own pregnancies, but my second one was worse than my first. Just like with Dorian, I did not get any morning sickness and for a few months I would forget that I was pregnant (besides for the growing belly). The only real craving I had was for peanut butter, but unfortunately any time I ate any it made me sick. There were no weird cravings or anything like that which I was glad for, but I know Mike really was hoping for a strange combination of foods to make fun of me for.

Once I hit my second trimester and my belly was really growing that was when the pain started. I’m not sure if it was the way everything was laying in me or if it was from having two pregnancies so close together but I couldn’t lift my right leg very high. Unfortunately, that lasted the rest of my pregnancy. It was definitely a struggle with needing to carry Dorian around everywhere and only being able to walk so much until I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to even walk. Every other ache and pain was more intense than the first time around but it didn’t matter because I had to push through since I had Dorian to take care of. Reaching in and out of the crib, getting up during the nights to tend to Dorian, and carrying him everywhere I went got tougher. But nothing was harder than waiting until I was over 30 weeks pregnant to finally feel Eli’s kicks for the first time. It was terrifying since I started feeling Dorian around 16wks and this was double the time! But, unlike Dorians pregnancy the placenta was in front with Elias so feeling any movement was near impossible until he was big enough to really give me a good kick.

Just like most of everything else this pregnancy, Eli’s labor and delivery was different than Dorians. At the beginning of my pregnancy my doctors told me to make sure I watched my weight gain this time because of the struggle with Dorians delivery. This was the first time I heard about a struggle because from what I remember I pushed for 20 minutes before he came out. No one said anything about any complications and he was a healthy big boy. The problem with Dorian was apparently his shoulders were briefly stuck and if the doctor wasn’t able to twist him to get him out safely than it would have been a big problem. Fortunately, for me, I only gained 20lbs with Dorian so that wasn’t the reason he was a big baby, but I did my best to watch my weight gain with Eli. I only gained 25lbs with Eli. So, to prevent him from being any bigger than Dorian and possibly having complications if he was too big I was induced at 39 weeks.

Being induced is such a different feeling than going into labor naturally. I got a call on a Thursday morning saying they were taking me in that night and that they’d call back when they had a bed open for me. At 11:30pm they called and were ready for me to come in.

Once I was settled into my room they started me on Pitocin and I started to prepare for a long night ahead. After a while I decided to get an epidural to help ease the contraction pains and so I could get some sleep. I could still feel the contractions even with the epidural but they were dulled down which didn’t bother me. I pressed the button for an extra dose very seldom because the contractions weren’t too hard to handle.

At about 7am they broke my water to keep the progression of my labor on track. That’s when the pains started to get worse. It wasn’t as bad as when the epidural wore off with Dorians delivery but still painful. I pressed the button for more of the epidural only when I really needed it because I didn’t want to have a repeat of my first delivery.

The doctor in around 11:45am to check if I was dilated enough to start pushing and sure enough it was time. Everything started out normal but my epidural was dulled down for me to feel it all, once again. I had a flashback to the pains I had with Dorians delivery because I knew it was about to happen again. I just kept telling myself to push through the pain because the faster I get through it the faster it’ll all be over. Eli’s head was halfway out and I ran out of gas. I couldn’t push. It hurt so much. It was more painful than anything I’ve ever experienced. I was crying and kept saying that I couldn’t do it. The doctor started telling the nurses they needed to call more people to come in because I wasn’t able to keep going. That’s when the panic kicked in. Mike turned to me and said that I really needed to keep going and I just needed one more push and he was out. I saw the worry on his face, the nurses were scrambling around and I knew I had to do it or there was going to be a big problem. I gathered up every last ounce of energy I had and pushed one more time.
At 12:24pm he arrived.
All 9lbs and 10oz of him.

I was able to push him out on my own but because of the complications I had towards the end his face was bruised. It took a couple days for it to clear up but thankfully that was the only problem I encountered. The moment he came out I was spent. I had no energy. Once they handed him to me I thought I might drop him because my muscles were hardly working, but I just held on as tight as I could.

Seeing Elias for the first time was amazing. I kept wondering how I would react to another baby and how I could emotionally handle everything. How would I be able to love another baby as much as I love Dorian? Once I saw him though, the worry was gone. My heart grew more than I thought possible. I now have more people to love and it’s even better than I could have imagined.


The story of Dorians birth

Being pregnant with my third child has me thinking back on my first two pregnancies. I am comparing every little thing. Quite frankly, my pregnancy with Dorian was by far my easiest. Now if only I could have that exact pregnancy matched with the birth of Elias then I would have zero complaints about being pregnant or giving birth.

When I was pregnant with Dorian I had very little discomforts or complications. I never got morning sickness, I could eat everything I wanted to, the uncomfortableness of being so big and round was minimal so I had high hopes for his delivery. Eh, not so much..

Up until the day before Dorian arrived I was doing jumping jacks and every stretch I could think of to try to jump start anything. I was eating spicy foods, walking around everywhere any thing that I saw online that told me could help start labor I was doing it. It didn’t seem like anything was helping so I knew I just had to wait for him to come on his own.

The night before my due date Mike and I decided to stay up until 4am playing games because we knew our late nights alone together were quickly diminishing. At this point my belly was so big that when I wanted to roll over in bed it was a big ordeal and I woke up every time so I could slowly swing myself around. Naturally, 30 minutes after falling asleep I needed to turn onto my other side and while I did so I felt this weird pop. My mind started racing.
What the heck was that?
Is something wrong?
OH MY GOD did my water just break?!
I laid there for about 7 minutes without moving before I started to feel some cramps. At this point I have no idea what is going on and figured I was just going to wait and see what would happen. Another 7 minutes pass and I feel the cramps again. I told myself alright, this is no joke I need to go to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down on the toilet water just came out. Not enough to know whether I peed or to tell me for sure if my water broke. So I waited a little bit and some more came out and I knew this time I wasn’t peeing. When I realized it was slightly pink I knew something was happening.

I go to wake Mike up and tell him that I think my water broke and he brushed me off saying it was in my head because it was my due date. But I insisted something was different and quickly explained everything and he told me to just go back to sleep. I listened to him and laid back down for maybe 3 minutes before I was like nope these cramps are getting stronger something is happening. I quietly went downstairs to call the doctor to see what they would say and sure enough he said to come in right away. At 5:15am we were off to the hospital.

(patiently waiting to find out if today was the day!..can you tell I’m EXHAUSTED already?)

Once we made it to the hospital and got checked in we were waiting in a room for me to get looked at to see what was going on. I was a couple cm dilated but they needed to see if my water broke or not before they let us know if we were staying or going home. Next thing we know a nurse comes in and is talking about an epidural and moving to another room. No one ever actually told us we were staying but we figured my water did break and I was here to stay. We were going to have a baby!

I could feel my contractions but they weren’t too painful yet. I didn’t have to stop what I was doing while I waited for it to pass but I asked for the epidural anyways. After we got settled into the next room and waited a little while, I was really starting to feel the contractions and couldn’t wait for the epidural to come. Getting poked with the needle in my back while having contractions was terrible. Here I am trying not to move so they could give me the pain meds I needed, yet every time a contraction hit I just wanted to curl up into a ball! But oh my god once it kicked in, I was on cloud 9. I felt no pains. Mike was tracking my contractions on the monitor while I was just peacefully laying on the bed sleeping. For hours I slept. I didn’t sleep the night before so of course I was going to sleep now while I could!

My contractions stopped getting closer together when I was about 7cm dilated. So they started to give me Pitocin. After some time it wasn’t working so they upped it a bit to get things started. At about 6pm my epidural started to wear off. Unfortunately, all of that Pitocin started to hit me as well. My contractions were unbearable. I felt everything. I was holding onto the bed rail for dear life trying to breathe through each contraction with tears coming down my face. I could barely talk to tell them to give me more medicine. Mike let them know for me that my epidural wore off and I needed more. So they came and gave me more.
It did nothing.
I still felt everything. My sides, my back, my everything hurt so bad.
So they gave me a double dose.
Still, nothing.
Then, I felt the pressure. Oh shit I need to push. Last time the doctor checked I was only 7cm so she wasn’t expecting much change when I told her to come back. Sure enough I was 10cm and Dorians head was right there. I had to push NOW! Just as I was about to start pushing the epidural slowly started to kick in. I could feel everything..except my legs. Mike and the nurses had to pick them up for me because they were just dead weight to me. I pushed for 20 minutes before Dorian arrived.
7:24pm July 11th, 2016 Dorian was finally here.
All 9lbs and 15oz of him.

The emotions I felt holding my baby for the first time were incredible. How did I help create such a beautiful little thing? From that moment on Dorian has been the light of my life. He has made my life so much happier and more meaningful than I ever thought possible.

One of those weeks..

Every once in a while I have one of those weeks where I don’t get anything done. When the boys take a nap I decide to take a nap and it seems as if I am never getting enough sleep. The laundry is piling up and I feel as if it’ll never get done and once I think it is I find a hamper over flowing with more dirty clothes. Or my specialty -all of my laundry is cleaned yet I leave them in the basket for a week before I finally decide to fold it and get them off of my couch. And of course the dishes are never done, the trash needed taken out yesterday plus there are too many left overs in the refrigerator that should have been eaten or tossed a while ago. This is one of those weeks.

Am I ashamed? No. It’ll all get done eventually and my husband knows that. Every time I have one of these weeks my kids are happier. Dorian is more excited because all of my attention is on him. We play any and all games that he wants to. We play with every single toy.
And I mean every single one.
(That’s another thing added to my list of things not done -the toys are scattered everywhere)
I have zero energy or will power to do any cleaning or house keeping so I turn all of my attention to my kids. Eli is scream laughing all the time because he’s so ecstatic to play with us.
Sometimes we go on a shopping trip and buy more toys or some clothes and get a little ice cream afterwards. I can’t tell who loves ice cream more -me, Dorian or Eli. Or if it’s nice out (which of course it hasn’t been too much lately) we go to the park, or the zoo, or the museum.

Every time I have a week where I get nothing done in the house is a week I spent gaining more memories with my boys. A week where I made them laugh so much that they started crying. A week of spending every waking minute with them. So no I am not ashamed when my house is a disaster, there’s cat fur in every corner of my house, or I’m digging through laundry baskets trying to find a clean pair of pants to wear. My boys are still so little yet they are growing so fast. I want to cherish every second I have with them when I can because one day they won’t want to spend all of their time with me. One day I won’t have a million toys to pick up at the end of the day, or I won’t have all that laundry to do. Right now that time may seem so far away but as the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

So mamas don’t fret. No one is that perfect mom who constantly keeps their house clean and tidy and never has any laundry. Their kids will leave toys laying around everywhere for days at a time just like you and me. It happens. Don’t try to live up to unrealistic expectations of the “perfect family.” Or the “perfect household.” Leave the dishes for tomorrow and put off cleaning those bathrooms a little bit longer so you can enjoy more time with your kids (or yourself because we all need more of that). Just relax, take a bubble bath or watch one more episode of Paw Patrol with your kids because those moments are more important than having all of your laundry clean.

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No longer a family of four

We are so excited to announce that we have another baby joining our family! Our little bundle of joy will be here in September.
Crazy right?
Dorian was born in July 2016,
Eli was born in August 2017,
baby #3 will be here September 2018.
As if two in diapers wasn’t enough lets make it three!
(hopefully Dorian’s potty training will be complete by then…but my hopes aren’t too high)

Our family is growing so fast that it feels like just yesterday I found out we were having our first! I am so excited for another little blessing.

Now onto the real business..what are we having!?

Another boy?!
Or a little girl?!
Take a look at this cute little gender reveal we did!

AH! So exciting! Soon enough we will have our own hockey team with all of our boys! I am so happy to have three boys because they are so close in age they’re going to get along great! (wishful thinking don’t burst my bubble just yet)

Mike and I threw a cute gender reveal party for our family and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone thought since we were having a party that we had to be having a girl because why would we for another boy!? Jokes on them!

For our party I had a cute little pink and blue dessert table with some treats that I made. It was my first time making cake pops and they tasted great! I also made some pink and blue chocolate covered pretzels and pink and blue chocolate bark. Definitely a good choice of desserts for a last minute party because they were all very easy to make and not very time consuming!

I can’t wait to bring you all on this journey with our family as we go from a family of four to a family of five!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Doing crafts with your little ones is always a blast. Sometimes it ends up in a disaster and there is paint or markers or crayons everywhere and someone is throwing a tantrum, it happens. We’ve all been there, or if you haven’t you will be eventually. Don’t be disheartened!

Dorian has a short attention span so the crafts we do are mainly super short or we do them in parts. This one I did the other day with both boys and it took 10 minutes! It is nothing fancy and the one I did with Eli didn’t turn out exactly as I pictured it but it doesn’t matter because it is about the memories and having little mementos to look back on in years to come.

For this all you need is a piece of construction paper, somewhere to squirt out the paint like a paper plate, green paint and a paint brush. All you’re going to do is capture their little hand prints or foot prints! Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day we made ours into little 3 leaf clovers. I have seen some on Pinterest that were 4 leaf clovers so you can do it however you like!

This craft is perfect for little ones because it’s quick and doesn’t require much work. I put Dorian in his high chair and painted one of his hands green and just placed it around on a piece of paper to look like a clover. I used the brush to make a little stem and that’s all! I also wrote down a little reminder of who’s hand print it was, what age and a ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ so I will remember years from now.

For Eli I decided to do his foot prints because I didn’t think a 7 month old would do too well with keeping his hand open. This was the only difficult part because he is just so wiggly! The foot prints aren’t placed very well but you get the idea! I’m pretty sure he liked the feeling of his feet being brushed because that was the only time he sat still for me haha.

What kind of St. Patrick’s Day crafts do you like to do with your kids?

DIY Growth Chart

Who doesn’t love keeping track of how much their little one has grown?! Every time my kids go to the doctor I can’t wait to see how much weight they’ve gained and how much taller they are from their previous visit. One of the things I’ve been seeing in pictures of nursery’s is a growth chart. Some are personalized, some are generic, some have quotes or just about anything on them. When Dorian was born I knew I wanted one so I decided to make one myself.

It was a very simple project that didn’t take too long to do and I love it. Mike went to the hardware store to find me a nice looking piece of wood just for my growth chart. He got me one that was 6ft tall so it can be used for many years to come!

First thing I had to decide was where I was gonna put it so I could figure out the correct spacing. Some people just measure it out on the wood from 1-6ft and plan on just leaning the chart against a wall. I didn’t want to worry about Dorian knocking it down on himself so I was going to mount it to the wall. I had to measure the baseboard in the bedroom so I could calculate that into the sizing. So if you’re confused on why my 1ft doesn’t seem spaced correctly that is why. This way Dorian can stand on the ground with his back on the chart to be measured.

After I decided on the spacing I thought about what I wanted to put on it. I wanted to personalize it but I knew if I did that then I would have to make one for every child. That just seemed redundant to me. So I made my chart only look like a ruler and left out any quotes or names so I can use it for all of my children.

I found the font of the letters I wanted online. I put tissue paper on my computer screen and traced them with a pencil once I figured out the sizing I wanted. Next, I taped the tissue paper on the chart at the correct spacing and traced the numbers on the tissue paper with a sharpie. This left a good outline of the numbers on the wood. Then, I painted them in with some black paint and viola!

I plan on marking down different heights every year on birthdays. So I used a blue colored pencil for Dorian and marked down his birth height and his 1st birthday height. Once Eli was born I used a green colored pencil to mark down his birth height. For every child I will use a different colored pencil so I can easily tell them apart and the kids will be able to find their own heights. From far away you can’t read their heights but that’s how I wanted it. It’s as if I marked their heights on a doorframe like my parents did for me.

What’s your ideal growth chart? Do you like them personalized or made for more than one child? Or do you like the idea of marking it all on a door frame?

Oh $h*t my toddler is swearing

Dorian is learning more and more words everyday so I shouldn’t be surprised he picked up a swear word. Yes Mike and I both say the occasional swear word but we try not to do it in front of the kids. Sometimes though, it slips out. You drop something, burn yourself, spill something, or whatever you do the “oh shit” slips out. Dorian now will drop something and say “oh shit.”

Let me rewind here first. Shortly after Eli was born Mike and I decided we didn’t have enough on our plate with two babies and a million and a half cats we decided lets get a puppy! We are CRAZY. Don’t do it. Who in their right mind would think hey we just had our SECOND baby 13 months after our first but I don’t think my hands are full enough so lets go ahead and adopt a puppy, we do apparently. So when Eli was a month old we ventured out to some dog shelters and met some puppies to try to find the one we thought would fit us the best. We came across our Luna pup and knew right away we had to have her. She is a pit bull mix and was about 6 months old when we got her. So we were teaching Dorian how to say “sit” (before he would throw her all of his food). The way he said “sit” definitely sounded as if he was saying “shit.” Which was hilarious. Then around the same time he overheard someone say “oh shit” when they dropped something and it was all downhill from there.

Dorian realized that he already knew that word cause he says it to Luna so he started intentionally dropping everything and saying “oh shit.” At first we laughed and then we realized for real “oh shit my 1 yr old is swearing!” How the hell do we get him to stop? I can’t even get myself to stop! What if he teaches other kids swear words? I had all of these thoughts running through my head at a 100mph all while trying to figure out how to actually get him to stop.

First thing to do:
Ignore it.
Don’t laugh at them, don’t acknowledge he is saying it and most importantly do NOT try to get him to say something else. If you acknowledge it in any way they will keep doing it. Laughing at it will make him say it over and over and over again. Trying to convince him to say something else will make him say it again and laugh when he does it. Any kind of attention you bring to that particular word it is letting them win. Don’t let that toddler win!
Correct yourself.
This one is a bit trickier because we’re adults we can swear if we want to! But no. You are a parent you cannot swear if you want to. Well you could but then your child will to. Take it from my experience you don’t want your kid swearing. Dorian thought it was the greatest thing ever. All he said for weeks was “shit.” Start saying “oh shucks” or “shoot” or whatever you can convince yourself to say. Yeah you will slip up but if they hear the corrected word 9/10 times that’s a plus in my book.
Say the corrected word before they can say the swear word.
As soon as Dorian would drop something I knew that he would immediately say “oh shit” so I would beat him to the punch. When he would drop something I would say “oh shucks.” It didn’t work right away and he would say shit right after me but this is not something that will change overnight.

It’ll work. Your child will stop swearing if you want them to. If you work with them they will stop. It will stop being funny and they won’t get the attention they were getting at first from it anymore and it’ll become old news. The hardest part is changing your own ways. And if they teach another kid, oh well. When I was a kid I learned all the swear words and about Santa not being real on the bus. We all do. We just hope it takes longer than it usually does. If you are worried about a word or phrase your child says just work on getting them to forget it. You got this!

It’s been a few months since Dorian picked up his swear word and most of the time he says shucks instead of shit. Yes every once in a while he will still say shit but we just ignore it and he goes back to saying shucks.

What did you do to get your child to stop swearing? Or what would you do if it happened to you?

Vacationing with little ones

We decided to head down to Florida to enjoy some warm weather and hang out on the beach. Traveling with two little ones is not an easy task. Especially when you need to take them on an airplane (sorry for anyone around us during those flights). I did so much research on tips for flying on an airplane with a toddler and over thought every little detail. Plus my in-laws were there to help us out which definitely came in handy.

I packed a carry on for Dorian and filled it with activities to help keep him busy on the flight. There were a few books to read, since he loves reading, I had coloring books and random toys for him to play with. I don’t think we opened it once. We flew during his normal nap time which made me nervous because he isn’t the type to sleep anywhere except his own bed. He doesn’t even sleep in our bed (which is a blessing for us :). I didn’t think there was a chance he would fall asleep. Luckily he did. He didn’t sleep long maybe 30-45 minutes, but it was better than nothing. According to the research, traveling during nap time is a big no-no because they will be super cranky and may not fall asleep. However it worked perfectly for us. Your kid may be a little cranky before they fall asleep but they eventually will. If they really stick to a schedule and sleep at the same time everyday it’ll happen. As for the rest of the time you need to make sure you pack something they really love to do. I had a nice bag full of toys and activities for Dorian to play with but the number one thing he loves more than anything is watching videos of himself. He sat there with my father-in-law not making a sound just watching video after video of himself. Same ones too. Over and over. So if your child has one little thing they like to do over and over that’s your key to easier travel. Eli on the other hand since he’s still so little he slept the whole flight.

 Dorian was at the beach a few times previously to this trip. He was too little to even walk then so it was going to be a new experience for him. Eli has never even gone swimming before so this was a trip of firsts for them both. The pool was perfect for them because it was a walk in pool with a gradual slope so Dorian had plenty of room to walk around and the water only went up to his waist and Eli was able to sit in the water and splash around. Dorian even started to jump in and did some swimming on his own with arm floaties! Both of my boys are water babies and it really showed when we went swimming every day for as long as possible. The beach on the other hand was a different story.

For some reason Dorian would NOT walk on the sand. He didn’t want to touch it he didn’t want to get near the water he wanted nothing to do with the beach. By the last day he was loving it. Of course it was the last day when he decided to love it. It took little steps here and there to warm him up to it. Every morning Dorian and I would take a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise. Sometimes Eli would join and other times I just carried Dorian along the shore and we would walk about a mile. I never tried to get him to touch the sand or the water I just carried him and he enjoyed the view. At some point in the day we would all go out and try once more to let Dorian stand in the sand and most of the time it was a big fat no. My father-in-law filled up a cup of sand and had Dorian play with it back at the house and he had no problem doing that. Dorian enjoyed the sand in the cup but the whole beach still scared him. The last day Mike and I decided to bring out all the beach toys, buckets and pails, and play in the sand while Dorian sat with us on the blanket. Within 30 seconds he was playing in the sand. Another 20 minutes he was walking in the sand and after 30 minutes he was running up and down the beach. I do believe the gradual intro to the sand was helpful in showing him it wasn’t scary but I also think if we just pulled out all the toys earlier he would have done the same thing just days sooner. I think it was more of him seeing us play in the sand that made the difference. So if you are struggling with getting your little one to enjoy the beach or are worried about how they’ll react to it, build a sandcastle next to them and let them see that the sand can be fun!

The worst part about the trip was Dorian getting the stomach bug. The poor kid was not feeling 100% and barely was eating anything because it just came right back out but that didn’t slow him down. He was a champ. He still went swimming he still ran around like a maniac and he still kept chugging along. It eventually passed and he just played harder and longer. The highlight of the trip was seeing how happy both boys were in the warm weather. They love swimming and being outside all day. Eli would fall asleep listening to the sound of the ocean every day for his naps and Dorian tired himself out so much that he would be asking for a nap. They both had some “first” moments;
Eli had ice cream,

Dorian jumped in the water,

Dorian swam by himself,

Eli swam in a pool,
both played in the sand,
and we all enjoyed quality family time.

If you have a little one or multiple little ones don’t let that discourage you from going on vacation. Yeah they won’t remember it, but you will. You will love seeing them do some more firsts and they’ll love a different environment with their family. Don’t let the thought of traveling with little ones keep you from going. The travel itself could suck or it could go a million times better than you expected but who cares? If they cry on a flight others will get over it and put on their headphones. If they cry in the car ride give them some snacks and a few blankets to put them to sleep. Spending time with your family is not something you will ever regret doing. So go do it. I know I can’t wait to do it again.


Happy Valentines Day!

From my family to yours we wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!

This morning we all enjoyed a heart filled breakfast together for the first time in a while. Usually we are not all awake or home at the same time for breakfast. And of course we had heart shaped pancakes because how else are you to eat pancakes on valentines day?! I even cut out some heart shaped strawberries!

Dorian loves fruit. He eats fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any time in between. I mean just look at this smile!!

Eli is too little for pancakes or fruit so we just made his day by letting him try some whipped cream! Of course he loved it.

What did your family eat today? Did you have any heart shaped food? Or did you just enjoy your favorite meals? My favorite is breakfast foods!


The other day we did a little craft for Valentines Day. I’ve been wanting to do something with their hand prints for a while now and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do until now. We made a heart shaped salt dough so I could treasure Dorians hand print forever. For Eli’s hand print I had an extra hand print kit so I could capture his. The kit was meant to be a Christmas ornament but I shaped it into a heart the best that I could and pressed Eli’s hand into it. It was a lot harder than it sounds! Eli’s hands are so little and he just wanted to make a fist but we eventually got a good one and I am super ecstatic at how it turned out.

For Dorians hand print we made our own salt dough. All it takes is
1 cup of flour
1 cup of salt
1/2 cup of water

I had Dorian add the three ingredients together himself. This was a craft that I wanted him to do as much himself that he could. It is a very simple and easy thing to make and you can do it for any holiday. It can be molded into a shape and there can be hand prints or foot prints or both.

I don’t know if he enjoyed making a mess or eating the flour more.  Next time I bake something I will definitely have Dorian help me add the ingredients because he was so excited to be helping in the kitchen instead of playing on the floor. The next step is obviously mix all of the ingredients together the best that you can to get a smooth dough. I let Dorian mix them together with his hands and he touched EVERYTHING. I can’t decide who is a messier cook Dorian or my husband.

After we mixed the dough together I let Dorian play with the remaining flour..or shall I say eat the remaining flour.. while I shaped it into a heart. I did not use a cookie cutter simply because I didn’t have one but it wasn’t as hard as it sounds. Pressing Dorians hand into the dough was probably harder because I had to really push his hand in.

I let the dough sit out on the counter for a few days before we completed our craft. Ending the project right here would have been perfect. I had his hand print mold and he had fun mixing everything together but I wanted to keep going with it. So I let Dorian paint it.

The finished product is just what I wanted. A craft the Dorian was able to do himself from start to finish and he had fun doing it. He made a mess doing everything but that is what it is all about. Letting him have fun and making a mess and painting his stomach green was how he had fun with this craft and that just made it more special to me.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!