Thank you for coming to check out my blog! I am new to the blogging world and am excited to get started talking about being a momma. If you want to get a little back story on my family hop on over to the about section. Otherwise let’s begin with my two little boys that are 13 months apart. I like to call them my almost Irish twins.

Eli started on baby food about a month ago and after a very rocky start is doing so much better. At first I was having near panic attacks every time I tried to feed him the oatmeal because that little bugger wanted nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with it. Anyone else have that problem? When Dorian started on baby food he loved it. I had no problems whatsoever feeding him anything. Eli spit out more than half of that cereal for about two weeks before I decided to just try some baby food. First thing I tried? Green beans. I mean I should have known I was asking for even more trouble with green beans. What kid actually likes green beans? But I went ahead with that for a few days anyways. That got me a hard no. After that we went for the bananas and ba-da-bing! That was a winner! If you are having trouble getting your little one to start on baby food just give it some time and some change. Maybe they don’t like the kind of food you’re trying. It’s natural for someone to not enjoy all types of foods so don’t expect your little one to like all foods too. Fast forward to now he still hates the oatmeal but loves eating all kinds of baby foods. He will eat anything as long as Dorian is eating or better yet, feeding him.

Now onto a bit on Dorian. He is a handful but nothing too crazy. He loves attention but what 1 year old doesn’t? Now sharing my attention with his little brother is a different story but one that is starting to have a good ending. When Dorian first met Eli in the hospital he squeezed me so tight and stared him down like who the hell are you and why is my momma holding you?

And once Eli started crying? HA, it was a crying match! Who could cry louder? Harder? And who was gonna win and get the attention first? I feared for life at home for a while at that moment. But when the nurses came to take Eli, Dorian did not like that one bit. He cried until Eli was back in the room with us. And that moment was my saving grace. There were definitely some rocky times at first and Dorian did whatever he could for my undivided attention but now he understands that his brother needs some attention too…most of the time.

Just wanted to give you guys a little taste of my family. Stay tuned because I will definitely tell you more about the first few days, weeks, months with the rascals and tips on how I handled the transition. If there is anything you want to know about let me know! I am an open book when it comes to my motherhood experiences.

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