Dorians 1st Birthday

Now that Dorian is a year and a half old I can’t stop thinking about how much he has grown. He is talking, walking, running, jumping, singing, doing any and everything he can. He knows his animal noises, some of his colors and we recently started working on the alphabet. It is hard to believe that just 6 months ago we celebrated his 1st birthday…

First Birthday Party First Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Dorians birthday was sports themed. We had basketball, baseball, football and soccer décor because his favorite toys then (and now) are balls. He loves to throw them at you, down the stairs or, Mike showed him how to, bounce them off of the walls. (Which drives me crazy!!)

His invitations were baseball themed so I decided to have matching shirts that were baseball jerseys and did a little photo shoot at the ball field.  I am no photographer but I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills so when I do take pictures of my children they are a little better quality. Mike and I loaded up all the props I could think of, a smash cake that I made and headed down to the baseball field.

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The baseball cake I made was also my test run of the cake I was preparing for his party. It was the first time I made a spherical cake and the first time I did piping like that. It definitely was not high quality work but I thought I did pretty damn good. Plus, it tasted great! I made a large baseball and some little ones that I decorated as baseballs, soccer balls and basketballs.

Sports Birthday Party

The large baseball I used this 3D pan that I bought from Michaels. The smaller ones were made in a silicon pan that had baseball, basketball and soccer ball markings on it, also from Michaels.

Spherical cake pan

For my baseball cake I decided to do half chocolate and half vanilla. I have yet to find a chocolate or vanilla cake recipe that I absolutely love so each time I bake one I typically try out a new recipe or tweak an old one I’ve used. When you use these pans keep in mind that you will be baking longer than the normal 15-20 minutes. The pans are deep and it takes some time for the center of your cake to bake properly. When I was baking the chocolate side it took nearly twice as long as it did for the vanilla side because of the different ingredients so don’t fret. It’ll turn out great just give it some time!

Snack Table

I made the snack table into a “concession stand” and served things you would typically find at a game. Foods such as walking tacos, mini bags of assorted chips, popcorn, and some candy. (I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it finished with everything!) We also served burgers and hot dogs and side dishes you would find at a picnic.

Sports Birthday Decor

Table Decor

Each table was decorated as a different sports theme. I had soccer….

Sports Theme Birthday Decor Sports Theme Birthday Decor

 The little felt soccer fields I made myself. I bought the felt from Michaels and painted the lines on. (I used chalk to draw the outline of them before I painted to make sure they were as even as possible.)
The napkins, mini nets and soccer balls are from Party City.
For the chip bowl I bought a cheap soccer ball from Dicks Sporting Goods and cut it in half. To keep the chips from actually touching the ball I put some Glad Press n’ seal on the inside which worked out pretty great!
Also, the little soccer balls on the chandelier I just cut out the center of a paper plate and drew the markings on it to look like soccer balls!


Sports Theme Birthday Decor

The basketball table didn’t require any crafting because I found an awesome table cloth at Party City! The napkins, center piece and all the confetti were all from there. The chip bowls were a cheap ball purchase from Dicks Sporting Goods and cut in half then lined with some press n’ seal!


Sports Theme Birthday Decor

Sports Theme Birthday Decor

The baseball table was fairly easy as well! The table cloth is a plain white one and I painted on baseball stitching. The napkins were white ones that I cut in the shape of a home plate which was VERY simple! Then I placed some baseballs in the bowls with the peanuts.

…and footballSports Theme Birthday DecorThis table is similar to the soccer table with the felt field. I chalked the outline of a field and just painted on the lines. For the end zones I painted in Dorians name to give it a little personalization. The yellow napkins are the “penalty flags” and they are in an old can with black construction paper wrapped around it.


There is always a big hype about your child’s first birthday. You want to have the perfect theme, perfect cake, perfect décor, perfect weather, perfect everything and that is just totally unrealistic. If you are a naturally crafty person then I say go for it! Go all out and make it the best party you’ve ever thrown but if you’re not who cares? A store bought cake and some balloons are all you need because the most important thing is being with your child. The friends and family are the ones who make the party worth while. Yes, I wanted to give it my all to make Dorians first birthday the best party ever but it wasn’t and I am okay with that. I put my little décor touches into it but it would have been just as amazing if I didn’t because we had all of our loved ones celebrating with us. Plus, Dorians favorite part was being around everyone he loves. He just kept going from one person to the next and giving everyone smiles.

First Birthday Party


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