Animal Noises

Before Dorian started talking he became a pro at animal noises. When he sees a lion, dog, cat, horse, sheep, nearly any animal he knows exactly what sound they make. The animals that don’t make specific noises are movements or funny faces. For a lizard Dorian will repeatedly stick his tongue out or a crab he will make pinchers with his hands. And all of this started with my father-in-law.

When Dorian was about 6 months old my father-in-law started pointing out the animals on the walls and making the noises to him. Dorians nursery had pictures of woodland animals hung up  near his changing table. There was an owl, fox and a bear. Of course at that time Dorian just enjoyed the attention and funny noises. The repetitiveness of the noises is what helped Dorian learn.

We moved to a new house when Dorian was 8 months old and in his new playroom I put up even more animals. There is a monkey, elephant, lion, giraffe, zebra and a bird on his wall.

So my father-in-law had even more animal noises to show Dorian. Not long after showing Dorian the new animal noises he started to repeat them back. A monkey and elephant were his first two animal sounds. You could ask, “Hey Dorian was does a monkey say?” And he would reply with a “aah aah aaah.”

    Repetition was the key. It was also really helpful when adding new ideas into the mix. We slowly started adding colors and names. He is slowly associating more words with different objects around the house as well. It is helping him grow as a learner. He gets so excited when he learns new things that he shows everyone that comes over to the house.

I believe starting with showing Dorian animals helped him pick up on a lot of things. It helped his concentration and his ability to recognize different objects or animals. Anything that you repeatedly show your child will help their learning ability and we just happened to use animals. At a year and a half old Dorian can form phrases when he is talking to someone and that is a big accomplishment.

Now that Eli is 6 months old it’s time to start teaching him animal noises…or better yet have Dorian teach him.


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