No longer a family of four

We are so excited to announce that we have another baby joining our family! Our little bundle of joy will be here in September.
Crazy right?
Dorian was born in July 2016,
Eli was born in August 2017,
baby #3 will be here September 2018.
As if two in diapers wasn’t enough lets make it three!
(hopefully Dorian’s potty training will be complete by then…but my hopes aren’t too high)

Our family is growing so fast that it feels like just yesterday I found out we were having our first! I am so excited for another little blessing.

Now onto the real business..what are we having!?

Another boy?!
Or a little girl?!
Take a look at this cute little gender reveal we did!

AH! So exciting! Soon enough we will have our own hockey team with all of our boys! I am so happy to have three boys because they are so close in age they’re going to get along great! (wishful thinking don’t burst my bubble just yet)

Mike and I threw a cute gender reveal party for our family and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone thought since we were having a party that we had to be having a girl because why would we for another boy!? Jokes on them!

For our party I had a cute little pink and blue dessert table with some treats that I made. It was my first time making cake pops and they tasted great! I also made some pink and blue chocolate covered pretzels and pink and blue chocolate bark. Definitely a good choice of desserts for a last minute party because they were all very easy to make and not very time consuming!

I can’t wait to bring you all on this journey with our family as we go from a family of four to a family of five!