The story of Dorians birth

My First Pregnancy

Being pregnant with my third child has me thinking back on my first two pregnancies. I am comparing every little thing. Quite frankly, my pregnancy with Dorian was by far my easiest. Now if only I could have that exact pregnancy matched with the birth of Elias then I would have zero complaints about being pregnant or giving birth.

When I was pregnant with Dorian I had very little discomforts or complications. I never got morning sickness, I could eat everything I wanted to, the uncomfortableness of being so big and round was minimal so I had high hopes for his delivery. Eh, not so much..

Up until the day before Dorian arrived I was doing jumping jacks and every stretch I could think of to try to jump start anything. I was eating spicy foods, walking around everywhere any thing that I saw online that told me could help start labor I was doing it. It didn’t seem like anything was helping so I knew I just had to wait for him to come on his own.


The night before my due date Mike and I decided to stay up until 4am playing games because we knew our late nights alone together were quickly diminishing. At this point my belly was so big that when I wanted to roll over in bed it was a big ordeal and I woke up every time so I could slowly swing myself around. Naturally, 30 minutes after falling asleep I needed to turn onto my other side and while I did so I felt this weird pop. My mind started racing.
What the heck was that?
Is something wrong?
OH MY GOD did my water just break?!
I laid there for about 7 minutes without moving before I started to feel some cramps. At this point I have no idea what is going on and figured I was just going to wait and see what would happen. Another 7 minutes pass and I feel the cramps again. I told myself alright, this is no joke I need to go to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down on the toilet water just came out. Not enough to know whether I peed or to tell me for sure if my water broke. So I waited a little bit and some more came out and I knew this time I wasn’t peeing. When I realized it was slightly pink I knew something was happening.

I go to wake Mike up and tell him that I think my water broke and he brushed me off saying it was in my head because it was my due date. But I insisted something was different and quickly explained everything and he told me to just go back to sleep. I listened to him and laid back down for maybe 3 minutes before I was like nope these cramps are getting stronger something is happening. I quietly went downstairs to call the doctor to see what they would say and sure enough he said to come in right away. At 5:15am we were off to the hospital.

(patiently waiting to find out if today was the day!..can you tell I’m EXHAUSTED already?)

Once we made it to the hospital and got checked in we were waiting in a room for me to get looked at to see what was going on. I was a couple cm dilated but they needed to see if my water broke or not before they let us know if we were staying or going home. Next thing we know a nurse comes in and is talking about an epidural and moving to another room. No one ever actually told us we were staying but we figured my water did break and I was here to stay. We were going to have a baby!

I could feel my contractions but they weren’t too painful yet. I didn’t have to stop what I was doing while I waited for it to pass but I asked for the epidural anyways. After we got settled into the next room and waited a little while, I was really starting to feel the contractions and couldn’t wait for the epidural to come. Getting poked with the needle in my back while having contractions was terrible. Here I am trying not to move so they could give me the pain meds I needed, yet every time a contraction hit I just wanted to curl up into a ball! But oh my god once it kicked in, I was on cloud 9. I felt no pains. Mike was tracking my contractions on the monitor while I was just peacefully laying on the bed sleeping. For hours I slept. I didn’t sleep the night before so of course I was going to sleep now while I could!


My contractions stopped getting closer together when I was about 7cm dilated. So they started to give me Pitocin. After some time it wasn’t working so they upped it a bit to get things started. At about 6pm my epidural started to wear off. Unfortunately, all of that Pitocin started to hit me as well. My contractions were unbearable. I felt everything. I was holding onto the bed rail for dear life trying to breathe through each contraction with tears coming down my face. I could barely talk to tell them to give me more medicine. Mike let them know for me that my epidural wore off and I needed more. So they came and gave me more.
It did nothing.
I still felt everything. My sides, my back, my everything hurt so bad.
So they gave me a double dose.
Still, nothing.
Then, I felt the pressure. Oh shit I need to push. Last time the doctor checked I was only 7cm so she wasn’t expecting much change when I told her to come back. Sure enough I was 10cm and Dorians head was right there. I had to push NOW! Just as I was about to start pushing the epidural slowly started to kick in. I could feel everything..except my legs. Mike and the nurses had to pick them up for me because they were just dead weight to me. I pushed for 20 minutes before Dorian arrived.
7:24pm July 11th, 2016 Dorian was finally here.
All 9lbs and 15oz of him.

The emotions I felt holding my baby for the first time were incredible. How did I help create such a beautiful little thing? From that moment on Dorian has been the light of my life. He has made my life so much happier and more meaningful than I ever thought possible.

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