Copycat Toddler

One of the best and most frustrating things a toddler can do is copy everything you do or say.
They pick up your swear words,
morning routines,
and a lot more.

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Everything you do or say is being monitored by your little one because they want to be just like you. You are the one that is teaching them everything. They learn how to walk by watching you, how to talk, how to eat, how to do anything by watching you each and every day. It’s amazing how quickly they learn to mimic you. Eli is 9 months old and is copying our sounds and hand movements. Any time we clap, he claps. If you smile at him he gives you his biggest smile back. He also thinks he can walk just like his big brother (hopefully he figures it out faster than Dorian did).

Dorian on the other hand copies anything and everything we do. Ever since he saw Mike and I brushing our teeth every morning and night, Dorian also brushes his (which is a huge plus!). He started doing this before he had all of his teeth. He also needs to put deodorant on too. Mike gave him his own (one of Mikes that isn’t open yet) and Dorian goes around putting deodorant on for everyone. This is when I really was like whoa we need to be careful with everything. Making sure we don’t swear around him is important to us because we don’t want him going around saying inappropriate words. The last thing we want to deal with is Dorian teaching another kid the F word.

With Dorian being at the age where he’s doing everything we are doing it is especially important to show him the right way to do things. When Eli gets hurt (whether it was Dorians doing or Eli himself) the first thing I do is tend to Eli. I ask him if he is okay and give him a hug and a kiss. Now anytime Eli cries Dorian asks him if he is okay and gives him a hug. Better yet, Dorian will pretend to fall down and say “Momma! Dorian okay.” And if I don’t ask him if he is okay then he keeps saying, “Momma, Dorian fall down. Kiss.” It is so adorable but also important because he is learning compassion. He is worried about someone else’s well being. He is not aware of it, but when he is older he will understand it more.

Another one of his favorite things to do is copy my morning routine. He brushes his hair, my hair, Eli’s hair, everyones hair.
Goes into my drawers and pulls out my socks.
Sits at my makeup table and puts on my makeup. Not literally. But he thinks so. He takes out my mascara and rubs his eyes with it. Takes a brush and rubs it on his face. Grabs a chapstick tube and puts it on his lips. Holds onto my contact case and touches his eyes. He loves to do what mommy does and I think it’s incredible. Does he know what make up is? No. He’s not even 2, but he just wants to do what Mommy does and he gets all excited when he does. He also copies Mikes routine with the teeth brushing and the deodorant but when Mike cuts his hair Dorian wants to buzz his off too. He gets enjoyment out of doing what we do and I am so proud of how much he is learning from us.

Although, there are many things I am excited that Dorian is copying off of us there are things that I am not so excited about. He knows how to work an iPhone better than a lot of people and that is not something I wanted him to know how to do at this age. Unfortunately, his generation is growing up with all of this amazing technology I can’t keep him from it forever, I just wish the phone usage could have waited a little longer. Another thing that I wish he didn’t pick up from us is raising our voices. Whenever the dog, or cat, does something they aren’t supposed to do I always yell at them. Now, Dorian does the same. When Luna starts eating one of the boys’ toys Dorian will grab her collar and say, “No, Luna!” and guide her to another room. Granted, I don’t mind him showing the dog that she’s not allowed to eat their toys, but he will also do it to Eli. He will yell, “Eli, no!” and try to pull him away from the toy that he doesn’t want him to play with. To correct his behavior I am trying to show Dorian when someone is playing with a toy that you were using or don’t want them to play with you need to give them another toy they are allowed to have before taking away the original one. It’s a long shot but it doesn’t hurt to try!

All in all I am proud to watch Dorian copy everything we do. He is learning more every day and it’s because of us that he is doing so well. Keeping a positive environment around him and letting him try to do the things we do is helping him learn and build his creativity.


What are some things that your little one copies from you? What are some things you wish they didn’t copy from you?


  • Shamanth

    This is so cute😊 My son is too young to copy but I am sure he will do most of the things you mentioned 😊Thanks for sharing