DIY Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is coming up! Have you gotten your a hubby a nice gift or are your kids making crafts for him? I am doing both! I bought him some little knickknacks that he might enjoy (nothing too fancy) and I had my babies make him some crafts. Here are 10 easy crafts for your toddler to do (with the help of you).

10 DIY Father’s Day Crafts

All of these crafts were made with the help of my 10 month old and my 1 year old, so no baby is too little to make these! They also work great for an older child that can write or cut paper on their own.

Following in my Daddy’s shoes

DIY Father's Day Craft

All this craft requires is your husbands shoe, construction paper, and some paint.
First, I painted the bottom of his shoe and made a nice footprint on the paper.
Next, paint your little ones foot (I used my 10 month old, Elias, for this one!) and place his print on top of the shoe print.
Then, finish it off with a cute little saying such as “Following in my Daddy’s shoes” or any other quote you enjoy!

Toe-tally Awesome

DIY Father's Day Craft

You only need to paint your child’s’ toes for this one. Place as many “toe” prints as you want!
Don’t forget to add the “Dad, you are TOE-TALLY awesome” saying!


DIY Father's Day Craft

This one can be a tad bit trickier than the rest, only because you are painting a face and a logo.
First, use your child’s foot as the body for Superman.
Then, paint a little circle for his head and give him a face.
The cape is next which I painted to look as if it was flowing in the wind.
The logo can be a little more challenging because it is small but you can do it!
Add the background of the S logo first in yellow.
Outline the logo in red.
Then add the S.
For the saying you can use, “Daddy you are my superman” or “Daddy you are my hero” or however else you want to phrase it!

Fatherhood, You Nailed It!

DIY Father's Day Craft

If your husband loves to build things this is the perfect craft for him!
Paint the bottom of your child’s foot in gray and place it on the paper.
For the nails, use your child’s finger prints!
Then add the handle of the “hammer” in brown.
Finish up the nails with a little tip!
“Fatherhood, You Nailed It!” is a great saying for this one!


DIY Father's Day Craft

Here is the trickiest craft of them all!
I freehanded the logo for this one, but if you don’t think you can do that heres a little tip:

*Place some tissue paper over my picture and outline it with a pencil. Next, place the tissue paper on top of a piece of   construction paper and copy the stencil with a sharpie and it will bleed onto the construction paper. Then, you can just cut it out!*

Trace the outline of your “superdad” logo on another paper to use as the background.
Let your little one paint away! Dorian even added his handprint on his!
Glue the pieces together and you have your “SuperDad” logo!

Hooked on Daddy

DIY Father's Day Craft

Does your husband love fishing? Then, this is a cute little fish craft for him.
Place your child’s handprint on the paper to use as the fish. You can coordinate your type of fish with the color you use. You can even add stripes or any other markings to make a certain fish!
Paint on a little mouth and an eye.
Add the fishing line with a hook on the end in the mouth of the fish.
If you want to, add some seaweed at the bottom.

Roarsome Dad

DIY Father's Day Craft

This one can be made many different ways. I used Dorians handprint and turned it into a brachiosaurus. You can turn the handprint into any dinosaur that you want, which is great for a child that is a little older and has a favorite dino!
After getting Dorians handprint onto the paper, I added a long neck for the dinosaur coming out of the palm of his hand.
I added spots along the back to give it some character.
Finally, I painted “You’re a roarsome Dad.”
You can add some grass or anything you wish to make your picture your own!

Lego Memories

DIY Father's Day Crafts

With my kids being too young to write I did this one on my own.
On lego pieces I added fun memories or activities that my kids like to do with their dad.
I put them in a little mason jar for safe keeping.
Whenever my husband needs a little pick me up he can open up his jar and think about all the fun things they do together!
It’s also a fun memory jar for when our kids are older and he wants to remember these times.

You Rock

DIY Father's Day Crafts

This is a classic. Simple. Fun. Personalized.
Have your child pick out a rock for them to paint.
Then add “You Rock!” on it yourself, or if they can write have them do it themselves!

Pap, You Rock

DIY Father's Day Craft

Any of these crafts can be made for a grandfather as well but I made this one specifically for the grandfathers.
SUPER easy.
Dorian and Elias picked out little pebbles to fill a small mason jar.
I painted “You rock” on the outside of the jar.
You can have your children paint the rocks or the jar themselves or just leave it be.
I left mine plain because Dorian is always collecting rocks with his paps!


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DIY Father's Day Crafts