Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Second Birthday Party

Time flies when you’re having fun. Dorian is 2 years old! What better way to celebrate his birthday than making it a Paw Patrol theme? His favorite(and only) show that he watches!

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Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

We had a wonderful time celebrating his second birthday with our friends and family and the day couldn’t have gone any better. From all the time I spent making the best decorations and best desserts I could I kept telling myself that this better be worth it! It sure was.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

For all birthdays I love having the family in matching t-shirts, and this one was no different. We each had our own “Paw Patrol” themed shirt. Mike had “Dad Patrol”, I had “Mom Patrol”, Eli had “Bro Patrol”, and Dorians shirt had all of the characters on it with the number “2” and his name. I found them on Etsy!

Paw Patrol Tower

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

I love making crafts for my kids birthday so the best thing I could think of to do this time was to make The Lookout! This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be, but it turned out great! I made it out of cardboard. I collected all the cardboard boxes we had from products we ordered to the boxes that held our diapers. Plus, the slide was made out of paper towel rolls! It is obviously not made to scale or the best tower ever made, but I am very proud of the finished product!

To make the tower even better I added all of the pups and their cars around the bottom like they are on the show. They are not all the same size because they I the ones we already had. If you are looking to buy any of these pups I found them at target! I added the link to each pup and their car!







Rubble Cake

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

I came up with the idea of a Rubble cake after seeing similar cakes for a “construction” theme party. I wanted to make a cake that had something to do with Paw Patrol and knew this was the best way to do it! The little Rubble I used can be found here.

Making the cake is so easy and anyone can do it, even if you aren’t a baker. First, get all your ingredients ready for your favorite chocolate cake recipe (or even buy a premade one!), get your Rubble ready, and buy a pack of chocolate Oreos!

  1. Bake your chocolate cake according to the instructions
  2. Place Rubble on top of your cake in the position you desire.
  3. Crush up the oreos, as much as you want to use.
    *If you don’t have a way to finely crush your Oreos I suggest buying one of these Ninja Blenders. This is what I use and it works wonders! My husband and I use it all the time when we are making anything small that needs to be blended quickly.*
  4. Cut out a small piece of cake to make it look like Rubble was “digging.”
  5. Place the crushed up Oreos around the cake and in the slice you cut out to resemble the dirt that he is pushing around.
  6. Viola! Super easy. Now you have a gorgeous Rubble cake! (or do the same thing for a construction theme party!)

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme


I didn’t have too many desserts for my table, but it was more than enough for our little party. The cupcakes I made as well and just added little paw print sugars on top of them. I found the blue and red dog bowls at the dollar store and they were a hit! I filled them up with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and some puppy chow!

Puppy Chow

Have you ever made puppy chow? It is so delicious! Plus, it is suuuuper easy to make. All you need is Chex cereal, confectioners sugar, M&Ms, whoppers, melting chocolate, and peanut butter (if you wish).

  1. Scoop out 9 cups of Chex cereal into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Melt 1 cup of melting chocolate. Add 1/2 cup of peanut butter to melt together, if you desire.
  3. Pour the mix over the Chex cereal and carefully mix together until all pieces are covered.
  4. Put 1 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar into a large zip lock bag.
  5. Dump Chex cereal mixture into the bag and shake well.
  6. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes.
  7. Dump the mix onto a baking sheet and let it completely cool.
  8. *Add 2 cups of M&Ms.
  9. *Add box of whoppers.
  10. *Mix until evenly distributed.

*Ingredients are optional. Puppy chow can be left without adding M&Ms or whoppers.*

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

If you enjoyed checking out Dorians Paw Patrol themed birthday party, you should see what we did for his first birthday! Click here to revisit his Sports Themed party. What’s a tradition you do, or want to do, for your childs birthday? I love making as much as I can whether it be the decorations or desserts! Also, having our family in matching shirts is awesome!

Paw Patrol Birthday Theme
Paw Patrol Birthday Theme