Flying With Little Ones

Going on an airplane is already stressful and adding little ones can make it a nightmare. My boys are 2 and 1 years old and have flown a few times so I found a few tricks that helped make our traveling a bit easier. Here is a list of 10 tips that will make flying with little ones easier.

10 Tips On Flying With Little Ones


Flying Tips


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  1. Lap Child.

    If your child is under 2 years old they can fly for free. Make sure you mark them as a lap child when you are booking your flights.

  2. Birth Certificate.

    If you flying with a lap child bring a copy or a picture (on your phone) of their birth certificate to prove that they are under 2 years old.

  3. Fly during nap times.

    I know a lot of people say never fly during nap times because it could make your child extremely fussy. It depends on your child. If they are able to sleep anywhere then its a perfect option. Or if they don’t get overly cranky if their nap time is pushed back or slightly different. Nap time flights work out for both of my boys so we tend to stick with that time frame.

  4. Bring extra snacks.

    Both of my boys can eat and eat and eat and be happy. I pack extra squeezes, puffs, anything they can eat. We also buy goldfish or pretzels or crackers in the airport to have as back up snacks.

  5. Have them eat during take off and landing.

    This will help their ears pop. The chewing motion will help their bodies adjust to the change in air pressure. Or if you have an infant, give them a bottle.

  6. Bring activities.

    For my toddler he loves watching Paw Patrol. We brought our iPad and stocked it with a few seasons of Paw Patrol and all he did the whole flight was watch his show. I also brought crayons, a few books, a rattle and a few other items to keep the little one busy. They ended up only entertaining him for a short period of time because he was more interested in watching all of the other passengers. Plus, he eventually took a nap for half of the flight which worked out perfectly.

  7. Packed diaper bag.

    Make sure you have your diaper bag packed with a little more than you think you’ll need. My diaper bag doubles as my own carry on so be sure to have the items you need packed in there as well. Extra diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes for you and baby, snacks, toys, bottle, etc.

  8. Stroller.

    Getting around the airport is so much easier when you can buckle your child in and not worry about them running off on you or having to carry them along with your other personal items. You can check your stroller at the gate so you can have it with you in their airport and it will be waiting for you as soon as you get off your flight so you push them to baggage claim.

  9. Car Seat.

    You can check car seats for free. You can check them with your luggage or you can check them at the gate. If you check them at the gate I suggest getting a travel cart for your car seat. This way, if you don’t want to bring a stroller it’ll turn your car seat into the perfect “airport stroller.” If you don’t want to use the cart, then using a car seat cover will help provide an extra layer of protection for your car seat.

  10. Maximize your chance of an extra seat.

    If you are traveling with a lap child or its just you and your toddler there is a good chance you can get the whole row to yourself. Airlines let families with young children to board before other passengers to assure that you can all sit together, take advantage of this. I know people say “wait as long as possible before getting on” to minimize the amount of time your baby is on an airplane, but do not do this. Get on when they announce family boarding because if your flight is not full theres a great chance no one will sit next to you. Most people do not want to risk sitting next to a small child on a flight so the seat next to you will be one of the last ones to be taken.


Do you have any other traveling tips that makes flying with your child easier? I would love to hear them! I am always trying to find new things to keep my boys busy on a flight. Leave your advice in the comments below!


Tips On Flying With Young Kids


  • Keating Bartlett

    I just flew solo with my toddler last month! I swear by flying overnight. We flew from San Diego, CA to Boston, MA so it was a good 5.5 hour flight. With both flights we took off at around 9pm so it was perfect. It was a stretch to keep her up so late (her bedtime is typically 6:30pm so we just added a second nap to her routine to get her through), but she passed right out the moment we were in the air. It made everything so much easier. And I also swear by packing light as well. Everyone told me it’s “better” to overpack. It wasn’t. Our flight there was a nightmare because our carry-ons were so full so I opted to back MUCH less heading back home and it was so much better haha

    • Kim

      I haven’t tried flying overnight but I always told myself that I would do it when we take a long flight. And for sure do not overpack your carry on! It’s already a hassle with the minimum plus a kid!

  • Tami

    As a parent, I am understand parents who have to travel with little ones. I still appreciate the efforts people take to make sure their babies are happy. These are great tips!

  • mooremom523

    While we have taken the kids up in my friend’s private plane – I have yet to travel commercial airlines with them! Which is funny because I grew up flying everywhere even without my parents at a very young age! Love all the advice in this post!

  • Ivy Anderson

    I love these tips! I will eventually have to travel with my little one and will take these into consideration! I always dread this but these tips make it not sound so bad, thank you!