Olivers Birth Story

Olivers Birth Story
Olivers Birth Story
Olivers Birth Story
Olivers Birth Story

Olivers Birth Story

Oliver Edward was born on September 2. My third child, my third son. His birth story is slightly different from Dorians and Elias‘. It’s crazy to think that all of my deliveries are different, but that’s how it goes -giving birth is unpredictable and each is unique in their own way.

Previous Babies

Oliver was born at 37 weeks weighing in at 9lbs. First of all, 9lbs? at 37 weeks?! Holy cow do I produce BIG babies! I can only imagine how much he would have weighed if he went full term! Dorian was 9lbs 15oz at 40 weeks, Elias was 9lbs 10oz at 39 weeks and now Oliver 9lbs at 37 weeks.

Dorian was born in July 2016, then Elias was August 2017 and Oliver in September of 2018. Three boys under the age of three, each born 13 months after the last. It’s crazy, I’m crazy, but I love them and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Olivers Birth Story

My pregnancy with Oliver was pretty similar to my first two. I didn’t experience any morning sickness nor did I experience anything other than the normal discomforts any other women goes through. I was fortunate enough to breeze through my pregnancy, but I did have a few hiccups.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I did the First Trimester Screen. I did it for all three of my pregnancies and the results were the same for all three -positive. Getting a call from the doctor to tell me that my chances of having a baby with Down Syndrome are substantially higher than the average woman is terrifying. Each pregnancy Mike and I met with a counselor to discuss our options and how to proceed. We chose to do the NIPT –noninvasive prenatal test– every time. This test draws my blood and looks at my chromosomes. When it does this it is unable to differentiate between my chromosomes and the babies but it tells you if there are any abnormalities. Since I know that I don’t have any disorders, if anything is found then that means it is the babies chromosomes. The results for the NIPT came back normal each time.

Reason For My Results

I remember after going through these tests when I was pregnant with Eli I asked the counselor and the doctors if it was something that I would have to do every time. Everyone told me no and it was rare it happened to me twice. Then, after it happening to me for a third time I asked everyone the same question. Of course now they’re telling me there is a protein in my blood that sends up red flags during the first trimester screen and this will happen to me with all of my pregnancies. No matter how many times I have to go through these tests I will always be worried.


During my first ultrasound they found a cyst on the umbilical cord. So not only was I going through the NIPT test again I was also doing extra blood work and ultrasounds to monitor the cyst. When I asked the doctor if I should be concerned they said no but still order more tests. I wasn’t convinced. Good ol’ trusty webMD was my next source. Terrible idea. I know you should never search your medical problems online because they tell you the worst of the worst. When I would search umbilical cord cysts there was nothing giving me concrete answers. Sometimes something was wrong and sometimes there wasn’t. Unfortunately, it ended up being something I had to wait until delivery to find out. Thankfully, nothing was wrong.

Previous Deliveries

During Dorians delivery he had a slight shoulder dystocia -meaning one of his shoulders were briefly stuck before he was delivered. It happened because he was nearly a 10lb baby but fortunately, no problems occurred. Because of that I was scheduled to be induced with Elias a week early if I didn’t go in on my own. He was also born a large baby. Oliver, baby number three, was going to be scheduled a week early.


When I was 37 weeks pregnant I was sent to the hospital from my doctors office because my blood pressure was too high. They needed to monitor me for a few hours to see if it would go down and to run a few blood tests. My BP went down and the blood results all came back normal so they sent me home. Later that same week I stopped feeling Oliver moving. I tried everything to get him to start kicking. I drank cold water, ate food, walked around, and I laid on my left/right side even laid slightly on my stomach to feel something. Nothing. No matter what I did I couldn’t feel him. I knew something was wrong.
[Ever since I was able to feel him kicking earlier in my pregnancy he never stopped. It would take me at least 45min to fall asleep at night because I hate to wait for him to settle down.]

Once I called my doctor and they told me to go to the hospital to be monitored. I grabbed my hospital bag and off we went. They immediately found his heartbeat and thankfully, it was normal. Shortly after he started moving around! Nothing was wrong with the baby. The nurses said he was probably in a position where I couldn’t feel any movement. They were just about to send me home until they realized my blood pressure was high…again. Once again I was monitored because of my blood pressure and additional blood tests were run. This time since it was my second time that week being monitored for high blood pressure and I was far enough along they decided to induce me. I was 37+5 weeks along and going to have my baby.


They quickly moved me to the delivery room and started to get me hooked up to all of the monitors. They started to give me pitocin to kick start my labor and I was off. Luckily, I was already 3cm dilated before the induction so it made it a bit easier. This time I held off on the epidural so I was able to get in and out of bed. With Mikes assistance I sat on a birthing ball and bounced up and down for a while to try to get Oliver to drop lower.

I eventually got the epidural so I could get some sleep, but that didn’t last long. Oliver’s heart rate would sky rocket when I was laying on my left side so I could only lay on my right. If you’ve ever had an epidural before then you know you are supposed to switch sides every hour. The epidural will only numb the side you’re laying on so when I wasn’t allowed to move around anymore I felt everything on my left side. At this point I wish I didn’t even get the epidural because it would have been easier to handle the contractions if I was able to get up and move around.


Olivers Birth Story

At around 3am I told the nurse it was time to call the doctor in because I was ready to push this baby out. Once the doctor came in and checked to see if I was fully dilated and ready to push she realized his head was there and was preparing to get ready for delivery. No joke – I turned to lay on my back while having a contraction and Oliver came out. The doctor had to catch him with her bare hands! Talk about an easy delivery 😂.

Oliver Edward

Born on September 2 at 3:25am weighing in at 9lbs and 21in long.

Olivers Birth Story

Olivers Birth Story