Hey everyone! My name is Kim and I am married to a wonderful man named Mike. We are high school sweethearts and are parents to three little boys, Dorian, Elias and Oliver. To see more on our story click here.

I am a stay at home mom and love every bit of it. I did go to college but never had the chance to find a job in my field before getting married and having my children. It was definitely the best decision I’ve made because my family means more to me than anything.

Kickin’ It With Kim is about my experiences as a mom and some other creative things I like to do. The name of my blog is so corny but I love it. I want you to get that laid back feeling while reading about my experiences and learning about motherhood alongside of me! I’m also trying to decorate my house and am doing some DIY projects to make our house have more of that homey feeling. I will share my projects with you as well (probably with a little rant about how long it took me to finish with the rascals running around!). Baking is another thing that I enjoy doing but by no means am I any good at it. But life is all about trying new things…right?

Dorian, Elias and Oliver are my little munchkins. Dorian is 13 months older than Elias and Elias is 13 months older than Oliver. Watching their personalities start to develop is the greatest thing in the world. Dorian loves people and doing whatever it takes to make them laugh. He also enjoys making animal noises, repeating swear words and throwing any and all of his balls down the stairs or at your head. Eli is a laid back go with the flow kinda guy but he is not happy if he can’t be with his brother at all times. (Of course Dorian loves it because Eli cracks up at everything he does!). Oliver is still my little baby so I can’t wait to see how his personality comes out! With all of the struggles of having them each 13 months apart I am glad that they are because I can just picture a very close brotherly bond between them!

Kick back, relax and join me on this motherhood journey!